New Menu Ideas

May equals busy at our house, but the goal is that busy does not equal bad food! This our family’s real life plan, we thought it might help you out too. I'm telling you a little meal prep and menu planning can go a long way. Remember, eating at home not only insures food quality but it really is more cost effective. So try one or two of these REAL LIFE suggestions we hope you enjoy.

Tacos your Way

2lbs ground beef or turkey

2T Chili Powder*

2T Cumin

1 T Fresh garlic*

Store bought pico

1 cup fresh graded Raw Cheddar

1 Avocado

Lettuce Cups or Taco Shells your choice

If your using meal prepped ground beef, reheat in skillet with 1/4-cup water and add seasonings. The rest is ready to go, pile and enjoy.

Why this works? Its protein (beef or turkey), raw foods (cheese, pico, and lettuce cups) healthy fats (raw cheddar and avocado) IT TRANSITIONAL - if your gang isn’t ready for the lettuce shell no worries- give them a taco shell while you enjoy a 100 percent clean meal!

Easy Breakfast for Dinner


Egg and Spinach Scramble

Grab your own fruit

Meal Prepped bacon - the only problem with this is everyone eats it if I don’t hide it! When buying bacon is sure its labeled no nitrates or nitrates added. Applegate is a good brand; you can choose pork or turkey. I will cook a few pounds in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Be sure and line your baking dish for easy clean up.

Eggs- we want them to be brown and cage free. Heat real butter in skillet and scramble; add in spinach and pink salt (its loaded with great minerals) and pepper. 

Let big kids choose their own fruit and help peal for the younger kids. Remember if your not buying organic to wash, peel, and bless it always!

Real Food Check- Protein- eggs and bacon, Healthy Fat- real butter, eggs, Quality Carbohydrates- Fresh fruit and spinach


Pizza Night

Meal Prep Chicken Thinly Sliced

Fresh Pesto or Pizza Sauce

Fresh Real Mozzarella (the stuff in water)

Flat Bread or Lavash (any thing under 5 ingredients works)

Baby Spring Greens (optional)

This meal really takes 5 minutes! Spread sauce of choice on flat bread, add meal prepped chicken, cheese and greens and place under broiler. WATCH CLOSELY until cheese is melted. Enjoy with a big salad or alone. Transition tip- if your kids want pepperonis let them have some Applegate makes a great no nitrate-uncured pepperoni. We want eating to be fun not a fight. This is a great KIDS in the KITCHEN meal.



Meal Prepped Chicken and Bacon Crumbles

3 Boiled eggs

3 heads of Romaine

1/2 Cup of Raw Cheddar

2 cucumbers

Cherry Tomatoes

I know what your thinking there is No Way my kids will eat this... Well try these tips

Keep all ingredients separate- we taught our kids to eat salad by separating everything

Place different "dips" salad dressings in fun colorful bowls. Allow your kids to dip however they like

Offer a fun activity for trying new things- everyone that eats salad gets to peg mom or dad with a water balloon!



Meal Prep: We do this on Sunday nights our kids are 9,11and 13 so they enjoy helping out. For this menu you would need to cook 2 lbs bacon, 10 chicken breast, and 2 lbs ground beef. That sounds like a lot but that gets you 5 evening meals. On Sunday night we usually enjoy our grilled steak or chicken with some veggies straight off the grill. Try some grilled pineapple and zucchini.

We hope you enjoy!



Real Food, Real People, Real Simple