Balanced Back to School

Lets face it, every year we ( by we I mean "parents") have a back to school bucket list of how this school year will be the year that we magically some how have it all together. We will supernaturally become amazing at: checking homework, feeding everyone a healthy breakfast, packing a nourishing lunch, waking early to  workout, having a quite time and somehow have all people happily dressed and out the door by 7:30 am.  This may work for the first three days of school but let me tell you friends its most likely NOT HAPPENING all year. You know the drill three weeks in your back at the donut shop with one kid half-way dressed and everyone is lucky to have a lunchables in their backpack!

This year we have had quite a few changes in our house and with change comes the need to reevaluate how things are done. The only thing that is truly crazy my friends is trying to do the same thing over and over and think you will get a different outcome. So out with the old "new school year bucket list" for us. I have decided to set a few things that will be staples and that's it. 

Thought I would share my plan just in case some of you over achievers need a starting place on how to tone it down a bit. These are the goals they are doable and real life tested my prayer, wish, hope, fingers crossed behind my back is that they lend to somewhat peaceful mornings and pretty healthy kids.

1. Breakfast will be simple- we will stick to HEB BLENDABLES ( I know they aren't organic) but they are pre cut fruit and veggies that you throw in the blender and drink on the way to school. We also stock Bobo's Oat Bars to grab when we cant make a smoothie. 

2. Lunches - will be a pack it yourself event. The only rule is you must pack a protein, a fruit, and two water bottles whatever else goes in that lunch I am washing my hands of. 

3. Broth and Vitamins - We all take vitamins period. While I still stick to the concept that getting our nutrition from whole food and real food is absolutely best, I house teens and lets face it we have other things to parent. Remember not all vitamins are created equal and quality ones are worth the extra money. How do we make this happen? Vitamins stay in my car console and I divvy them out in the morning on the way to school or sometimes on the way home from school. We will drink broth. Sometimes I make it sometimes I buy it. ( It helps that I have a chef who prepares it for my clients already)  If you want the recipe its on my IG Story. If you want to buy it shoot me an email.


So this it, no grand plan just small steps towards health. Plain and simple. Will my kids drink sodas and eat hot pockets absolutely. Will we drive through the donut shop yes, but not everyday. Real health and nutrition like everything in life calls for balance. Happy New School year my friends, for those of you who aren't teachers I hope you go have a long lunch with friends, for those of you who are teachers ( also know as angels walking on earth)   well I hope your non teaching friends bring you a good lunch and lots of coffee... I know I will be making some deliveries myself!