The Grocery Girl exists to help you create a life that is healthy, whole, and fulfilling.

Welcome to The Grocery Girl! I am here to help you operate from a holistic health perspective where we focus on real food that promotes health and wellness. I believe that the path to sustained health comes from addressing our entire person: body, soul, and spirit. 

We offer a variety of services to help you on your path to the best "you." Whether you are just embarking on your health journey or if you are a seasoned pro, we want to give you practical, easy to achieve advice. Many people who are ready to change their lifestyle are confused where to start, or feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of change that is required. We desire to help you overcome the overwhelm.

      We focus on small steps to big change to encourage a lifestyle rather than a quick fix!

That's why we center our nutritional advice on making healthy choices easy! If you have been wanting to anchor the health of your entire being on real food, then you found the perfect place for information and a partner in your journey.



"get Real"

Feeding your family real food should be a priority for us all. The task of conquering picky eaters and changing family habits all at once can be overwhelming. We specialize in "getting real." Let us teach you how to transition your family to this lifestyle with ease. Get Real is available now on Amazon.


Meal Plans

Eating a real food diet can be overwhelming. Let us help you make real food fit into your real life. We offer seasonal meal plans and specialized personal plans when you work one-on-one with our nutritionist. Get weekly grocery lists and recipes with all of our plans.

To Eat or Not to Eat

Food is the best medicine. Often times we can eat healthy things that are not healthy for us. Special conditions require special food assignments. If you suffer from auto-immune disorders, thyroid dysfunction, fertility, or blood sugar, you may benefit from nutritional therapy.

The Grocery Girl is founded by the vision of Amy Yates. Amy founded the company in 2015 after becoming a Holistic Nutritionist. 

Amy has always had a passion to help others understand the connection between spiritual, emotional and physical health. She has spent over 15 years in the health and fitness industry, working in hospitals, schools, and churches.

Amy did her undergraduate work at ACU in Abilene, Graduate work at Baylor University, and received her certification by the Nutritional Therapy association, and board certification by NANP. Amy is also certified by the ACSM.  She has numerous group fitness certifications and serves as a health adviser on both local and state boards for SHAC. 

The Gold Monarch Healing Center in Abilene, Texas uses Amy as their resident nutritional therapist and fitness instructor. The facility focuses on wholeness from a body, soul, and spirit perspective, and Amy's expertise in all of these areas makes her an invaluable part of their organization.

Amy's compassion and knowledge combine in a unique way to empower you to truly become the healthiest "you" that you can.


Written Publications

Amy has been a contributor in many different online and print publications. She has been published in The Nutritional Therapist journal and with the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Amy also regularly posts helpful tips on healthy eating on her blog and on her instagram account, @thegrocerygirl

Public Speaking

Amy frequently gets asked to speak at conferences, for small gatherings, and even with children. Several topics that she specializes in are:

Sugar Shack

Kid friendly interactive explanation of why we need to control our sugar intake. Great topic for schools.

Chemical Weapon Known as Woman

A light-hearted approach to explain how the modern day diet affects hormone balance, from infertility to menopause.

A Parenting Heart

A call to parents to feel empowered and to recognize their full potential in parenting.

If you have a topic you would like Amy to speak on that is not listed above, please contact us regarding the details.

The Grocery Girl has a conviction to treat each person by providing practical tools to become healthy. We offer several different services ranging from a troubleshooting visit or food journal evaluation to nutritional food therapy for individuals or families.  When you choose to work with us for nutritional therapy, we will start with an in-depth assessment and questionnaire of where you health currently is.

After analyzing your personal situation and health triggers, we will suggest a real food diet plan that should tackle your biggest hurdles. We usually supplement the diet plan to help your body heal and regain it's optimal balance.

Grocery lists, recipe suggestions, phone calls, office visits, skype calls, and email may be included in your treatment plan. For full understanding of our current services, please contact us!

When my husband & I began our journey with Amy, we knew we had to make some changes in our diet because of family histories, but we didn’t know quite where to start. She provided the support and encouragement we needed to begin transforming our overall health through education, delicious do-able recipes & supplements. We are forever grateful for the ways she has empowered us to make positive choices that impact our family on a daily basis!
Working with Amy was a life changing experience!! The education I received on not trying to diet but making healthy lifestyle choices has changed the way I eat, exercise, and think about things!! It is not about losing weight, it’s about being healthy, and naturally the weight will fall off!!
Amy was my favorite part of the Gold Monarch, I had no idea how important making the right food choices are. Working with her has totally transformed me, I feel better than I have ever felt!
Working with Amy was so easy. You always feel like you’re a part of her life not just a client. The information that she provided was both informative and easy to apply. Having someone that can hold you accountable and still love you at the same time is amazing! You can tell how much she cared about my individual health, and wants me to live a long healthy life. It has changed me, and my family for the better.

Chef Prepared Meal Prep and Delivery

Lets be honest cooking isn't for everyone and sometimes cooking new things in the midst of trying to incorporate new food habits can be more than you may want to tackle. We understand that life gets busy and finding the time to plan, shop and prepare can be difficult. Our desire is to help you feel your best. As you know we believe food plays a HUGE role in wellbeing. With this in mind we are excited to announce custom Chef Prepared Meal Prep and Delivery! 


Getting Started

The first step is to schedule an appointment with our Nutritional Therapist. An initial consultation will allow us to understand your health and lifestyle needs. This consultation can stand on its own as a jump start to your nutrition or it can be the first step to Meal Prep and Delivery.


Meal Plans

Custom Meal Plans will be delivered every four days to your inbox and your meals will be scheduled for delivery the next day.  These plans will tell you exactly what to eat and how to assemble your delivered meals. Food will be organic and seasonal with your individual needs in mind.



The cost for Chef Prepared Meal Prep and Delivery is one hundred fifty dollars per drop. Each Drop will include: eight meals, each containing a variety of protein, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and some type of soup or bone broth and a snack. While the amount changes from week to week additional grocery cost are usually around twenty five to thirty.