On the Go Snacks

When we travel, we are susceptible to just grabbing the closest food to appease our hunger. Plan ahead! Don't get caught without a healthy alternative. Here are a few suggestions for your next road trip.


The goal is to buy organic, local, non-GMO.


Baby Carrots

Season Fruits - peaches, pears, plums

Pea Snaps - These are great for beating boredom while driving!

Grapes - Pre-bag them in individual portions.

Bottled Kombucha - This is a fun different treat for car trips!

Apple Cider Vinegar shots - These are a great pick me up!

Protein & Dairy

Purchase organic or no nitrates or no nitrates added. Natural is just a marketing gimmick.

Epic Bars - These do mix flesh protein with fruit but would be fine for special situations.

Beef or Turkey Jerky

Pro Bugs - I freeze these and let the kids have them on vacations because I know that our eating will be compromised.

Individual packs of raw cheese - Be careful with these, as they have lots of calories!

Pantry Items

That's It Bars - Kid's love these. 

Bobo's Oat Bars - Oats are great for the thyroid. (These do have sugar.)

Raw Nut Butter Packs - Make sure to read labels. They are not created equal!

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